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Rolling out our PLUS training platform to more colleagues


As we seek to upskill our colleagues across Europe and support their personal and professional development, our Group-wide learning development platform – PLUS – continued its path of growth and enrichment. 

In 2023 – following its prior successful implementation in Italy, Austria and Germany – PLUS was rolled out to all Central European and Eastern European countries. PLUS has increasingly become our main tool for digital training. 

The platform is regularly improved with the addition of new training modules and now provides access to 15 external platforms – including 14,000 educational titles that will facilitate various professional development paths. Colleagues can explore a wide range of topics, including data science, artificial intelligence and programming. 

Additional improvements also mean exploring PLUS’s extensive offering is easier and more insightful than ever. The new ‘social feedback’ feature, for example, allows all users to give their opinion on training modules. Upon completing any course on PLUS, colleagues can rate it from one to five stars – as well as to leave anonymous comments only visible to the People & Culture team, to help further improve the offering. 

In a framework of continuous digitalisation and enhancement of employee learning experience, PLUS has already witnessed a remarkable success, reaching all the Group's employees and with nearly 50,000 active users diving into more than 70,000 courses available.

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