Our business

Our integrated and sustainable business model is based on local excellence, inspired by our Principles and Values. We are organised across four regions that are supported by central structures, with three product factories and a lean competence centre embedding Digital & Data.

While clients access our services through local banks, our comprehensive offering to meet their needs is created by our three global product factories – Corporate, Individual and Payment Solutions. These factories each deliver best‑in‑class solutions, developed internally or through our dynamic ecosystem of trusted partners.

In 2023, we’ve further reinforced our in-house expertise in the factories, rebuilding and enhancing the internal solutions we offer organically, while strengthening our strategic partnerships with industry leading companies. Our global solutions leverage local coverage and the benefits of our Groupwide scale and scope.

Illustration of our solutions

Corporate Solutions

Our inherent strengths are an extensive corporate client base with unique SME penetration, as well as unique cross-border positioning that enables us to support clients in their trade, and growth ambitions.

During 2023, we invested further in developing our talent and product expertise to covering all corporates’ value added needs with top-notch comprehensive solutions developed in house.

Our Corporate portal is a single-entry point for clients to access our digital product offering, demonstrating the value of our Group-wide scale and scope for us and for our clients.


Individual Solutions

Our inherent strengths are our extensive high-quality products and services offering, strong partnerships with industry leaders, as well as our enormous potential to offer clients innovations that leverage the Group’s scale.

During 2023, we have reinstalled our internal asset management factory and issued 18 onemarkets funds in only one year.

Combining our in-house capabilities with best-in-class external expertise (Allianz, Azimut, BlackRock) and products, we are able to offer greater client choice, while our global solutions and platforms (e.g. our Global Non-life insurance platform) are available to all clients across our geographies.


Payment Solutions

Our inherent strengths are our unique pan-European footprint and cross-border positioning, our payments DNA and advanced technology for data usage.

To unlock our full potential, in 2023, we have set up a Group Payments solutions factory that has provided a geographical extension of our advanced International payments offer, almost doubling (vs 2021) the number of corporates with access to our digital portal. We have also entered into an innovative, multi-market partnership with Mastercard. Our strategy is delivering on our vision of being every European client’s first choice for payments.

Our Purpose

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