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Helping Austrian innovators improve the lives of people with disabilities


Making good on our Purpose of Empowering Communities to Progress, in February we hosted the Zero Project Technology Forum at our UniCredit CenterAm Kaiserwasser in Vienna, Austria. In partnership with the Zero Project, the event was designed to be a driver for innovation aimed at improving the lives of people with disabilities. 

We invited 27 tech innovators to present their latest products to key decision makers from business and international organisations including Microsoft, Google and the World Bank – helping them establish partnerships for potential funding and implementation.

Innovations presented on the day included a keyboard with only 10 keys for people with motor difficulties, an app that translates spoken language directly into sign language, an app that describes the environment for people with visual impairments, and an avatar that sits in the classroom and connects a child who cannot go to school for longer periods of time to both the lessons and his or her classmates.

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We have taken up the strong desire of the business community for such a platform and would like to make our worldwide network available to decisively accelerate the implementation of innovations for people with disabilities. And they are not the only ones who benefit. Many of these innovations make life easier for everyone.”

Martin Essl

Founder of the Zero Project Conference

Robert Zadrazil

The Zero Project Technology Forum is an innovative laboratory and an important source of inspiration for companies, organisations and policymakers to access the latest innovations for people with disabilities at a very early stage. As a pioneer in accessibility and services for people with disabilities across Europe, it is very important for us to co-host the Zero Project Technology Forum in order to remain at the forefront of technological developments as an innovation leader.”

Robert Zadrazil

CEO of UniCredit Bank Austria

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