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Embracing and fostering diversity within our Digital team


Diversity and inclusion are critical if we are to unlock the advantages of a modern workforce. We are a company in the market for top talent – and that talent comes in all forms. By being open to a fully diverse range of candidates we are ensuring we are open to the full range of skill sets, as well as to the full range of perspectives and ideas that different backgrounds bring.

We are reflecting diversity both in our intake of new talent – more than 700 new people have joined our Digital team since our transformation began under our UniCredit Unlocked strategy – as well as in our management and development of those already in house. We are doing so by actively looking to create diverse teams from the leadership level down, as well as through programmes such as reverse mentoring, targeted support groups and workshops.

By embracing diversity we enrich the overall employee experience – not only by exposing people to new ideas, cultures, and perspectives, but by creating an environment where everyone feels welcome, safe and accepted. And what’s good for our colleagues is good for our business – fostering an environment where we are comfortable and happy to commit to our work, while also working smarter and producing higher-quality work.”

Joanna Pamphilis

Head of Investments & Securities Digital Products, and Accountable Executive, Diversity & Inclusion, Group Digital & Information

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