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Supporting the construction of renewable energy sources in Bosnia and Herzegovina


As a market leader, our Bank plays an important role in bringing continuous improvements to clients, as well as the best products and services. For many years, we have been empowering communities to progress and supporting renewable energy projects and investments in energy efficiency. 

In 2023 our Mostar bank in Bosnia and Herzegovina signed a long-term loan agreement with Drin-Energija d.o.o. Grude for the construction of the Petnjik photovoltaic power. The total value of the investment is 56 million BAM and is the first abroad by Norwegian company Greenstat, in partnership with Bosnian company GP Toming. 

The Petnjik photovoltaic power plant has an installed power of 45MWp and an output power of 29.9 MW, while the planned annual production of electricity amounts to 59,987 GWh. The municipality of Grude was chosen as the construction site due to the country’s favourable geographical position high levels of sunlight.

Sustainability is a key component of our business model. UniCredit is committed to protecting our natural capital, which includes the environment. Building a sustainable future is an important challenge for both people and companies, but every company should do more than business as usual. Now is the time to we act and influence."

Amina Mahmutović

President of the Management Board

Having a partner who recognises the importance of investing in green energy is extremely important to us. Financial support provided by UniCredit ensured that all works will be completed within the stipulated time. The total area of the space that will be used for the construction of the photovoltaic power plant is 320,000 m², and the total area of the land is 333,800 m². The installation of solar panels is planned for the first quarter of 2023, and commissioning is expected at the end of 2023."

Ivan Tomas

Director at Drin-Energija d.o.o. Grude

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