Solar Roadshow3

Educating clients on the potential of solar energy in Bosnia and Herzegovina


As we look to support our clients on their own transitions to Net Zero, we can do so much more than provide financing alone. Stakeholder engagement and education is at the heart of our efforts – and, with our partners at Deloitte BiH and SHPP, in 2023 we ran a series of workshops about solar energy in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Our roadshow spanned 6 cities – Sarajevo, Mostar, Tuzla, Zenica, Bihać and Tešanj – and aimed to inform clients of the potential of solar energy, the advantages and challenges of switching to solar energy, and the possibilities of project financing by the Bank.

Given that the transition to solar energy brings with it certain challenges, representatives also made themselves available for additional support regarding the installation of solar power plants and connection to voltage networks – and pointed to the economically profitable potential that solar energy brings with it. 

We are happy to have been part of this project, working closely with UniCredit to engage SME clients in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the importance of ESG, sustainability and renewable energy topics. The main goal was to support SME businesses to strengthen their sustainability efforts, ensuring they not only maintain but also grow their market presence, especially having in mind high ESG expectations for export-oriented companies. We believe that as these businesses commit to clean energy, they are not only helping the environment, but also establishing themselves as leaders in sustainable practices, making a lasting impact to their communities."

Muhamed Semić

Director at Deloitte

It was our honour and pleasure to be part of the team that encouraged the clients of UniCredit to increase awareness of renewable energy sources, especially electricity obtained from solar power plants. We are happy if we have aroused the interest of at least one client of the Bank to start a project to produce electricity from photovoltaic power plants."

Amer Jerlagić

Director at SHPP

Financial support for renewable energy sources

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