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Supporting a greener approach to Romania’s energy network


We granted a complex finance package of just over €100 million to Delgaz Grid, part of the E.ON Romania Group and the country’s first integrated distributor of both energy and gas. 

Delgaz operates a 24,000km network of gas pipes and an 83,000km energy network, serving around three million clients in 21 counties. One of its main goals is to do so while protecting the environment, biodiversity and ecosystems – and promoting best practices for reducing the effects of climate change.

The speed at which we completed the transaction was a key element in the success of the deal, and substantially improved our relationship with the client.

The distribution networks are the backbone of the energy transition. Therefore they must be strengthened and modernised to be able to ensure a continuous and reliable flow of energy, integrate most renewable energy sources, and allow the development of new services for consumers. That is why networks urgently need massive investment to adapt to the needs of an increasingly decarbonised, decentralised and digitised economy. Investments require sources of financing, and UniCredit is one of our most important partners that has demonstrated throughout our trust-based collaboration a high level of professionalism and a vision that has been harmoniously intertwined with our business plans and perspectives."

Cristian Secoșan

General manager of Delgaz Grid

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