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New medical centre in Moldova provides treatment for local communities


Financing life-changing medical facilities.

In Moldova, in collaboration with the Volunteer for Life Association, we are Empowering Communities to Progress by supporting the creation of one of the most important medical infrastructure projects in the region: the Medical Rehabilitation Base. 

Part of the Bicaz City Hospital, the total investment was over €800,000 – with UniCredit one of the project’s main private partners. The Base provides treatment for the people of Neamt county suffering from a wide range of neurological, oncological, orthopaedic and degenerative pathologies.

Since 2016 we have dedicated all our time and energy to help where others cannot reach, to build bridges between the NGO, public and private sectors through projects that over time have already proven their usefulness. We have thousands of beneficiaries served by dental clinics in Neamt county that treat children with different types of ailments, we built the first reception center for refugees following the outbreak of conflict in Ukraine that provides decent conditions (running water, toilets, heating, etc.), including special facilities for people with disabilities. In all these projects we have had partners without whom nothing would have been possible, such as UniCredit Bank, and we thank them for their support."

Ionuț Ursu

President of Volunteer for Life

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