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Simplifying and automating new account opening for customers in Romania


One of our greatest and most ambitious goals for our bank’s Digital transformation was the ability to offer our customers the majority of their banking needs via mobile applications – saving them time and effort. As part of this ambition, in Romania we launched Mobile Banking Digital Onboarding in 2023.

Now, people in Romania can become UniCredit customers without ever needing to visit a physical branch – all from their mobile device. By taking advantage of the latest technologies – including automatic ID OCR, Live Selfie and AI-driven mechanisms for customer identification – we have introduced a fully automated processes, taking just 15 minutes to open a UniCredit account.

New customers immediately have access to their account and virtual card – a key differentiator for us versus the market. In a couple of taps they can top up their account and add their virtual card to their contactless payment wallet, and become a fully transactional customer. 

Becoming a customer of UniCredit Bank Romania has never been easier. Mobile Digital Onboarding is allowing a simple, fast and user-friendly account opening at anytime from anywhere. Taking advantage of latest technological solutions like automatic ID data capture (OCR), client identification using live selfie and AI face recognition clients can onboard in less than 15 minutes. What differentiates our journey from other banks is that the journey starts and ends in Mobile Banking, clients having immediate access in the app where they can see the new opened account, they can instantly top-up this account and start making transactions using the virtual card enrolled in an NFC payment wallet. All in one uninterrupted session.”

Antoaneta Curteanu

Executive Vicepresident Retail Division

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