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Introducing fully remote banking services for customers in Serbia


As part of our Digital transformation, and as we strive to improve the customer experience, we are giving customers in Serbia ultimate flexibility when interacting with UniCredit. That includes giving customers a choice of places and ways to use our banking products and services. 

From 2023, we have introduced modern technology that supports remote contracting – making it possible for customers to change their account package, open an additional account, contract a new digital service or arrange funds from the comfort of their own home – and without needing to visit a physical branch. Since the launch, more than 500 clients each month have taken advantage of our new remote offering.

As well as bringing a better customer experience and easier access to our products and services, the new technology has enabled the transformation of our service model – significantly increasing our efficiency in servicing clients while also optimising costs

I am delighted that the process was short and simple. I would especially like to praise the great support of the agent. I like the fact that I can withdraw funds in the same way if I need money urgently, and of course that I can do everything through the application, without going to a branch. That way I don't waste time at all.”

Dunja Jovanović

a customer of UniCredit Bank Serbia

Zoran Ristić

For us, the remote concept means the option for the client to complete the transaction with the bank where he is and sign everything that is necessary with a digital signature. So there is no need for him to leave his workplace, drive to the bank, look for parking, wait in line and do all that again when he finishes his work at the bank. In this way, we increase client satisfaction, but also optimize the engagement of our people and infrastructure, there is no manipulation of paper and queues in branches.”

Zoran Ristić

Head of Alternative channels, UniCredit Bank Serbia

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