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In 2023 we brought a range of game-changing developments to retail banking customers across mobile banking, cards, investments and loans – making banking quicker, easier and more accessible.

Standardising and improving the customer experience

We are particularly focused on further improving our customer experience by creating a new digitally native experience that is consistent from end to end across different devices and all channels, to meet the need for simplification, interoperability and automation.

This is being developed on our new customer experience platform, UCX, which uses the new architectural principles of composable software development to standardise customer experience across countries.

Simplifying the loan application process

We introduced new digital features to simplify and speed up the loan application process for all our clients – whether they are new or longstanding, and whether they prefer to interact in-branch, online, or through our mobile app. For example, thanks to improvements to our UCX platform, we have reduced the average time it takes to get a credit evaluation confirmed to around 60 minutes on all channels – with times as fast as 16 minutes when using assisted channels, such as in branches.

We have also reduced the number of fields required to be filled in to just 10 and reduced the number of clients required to produce income documentation to under 20%, thanks to the introduction of income models that determine affordability based on information already available to the Bank.

Fully online account opening

Our new account opening process makes it easier and more convenient for customers to open new accounts entirely online – and even via comparison portals like Germany’s Check24 – in just a few minutes. This process is available 24/7, so customers can open new accounts wherever and whenever is convenient for them. 

Change on the cards

We rolled out a series of new innovations around card products this year. For example, the Genius Pay prepaid card is an instant digital card built on the Bank’s state-of-the-art UCX architecture, providing customers with a unified digital journey across all channels. We also enriched the functionalities of our regular card services – adding instant virtual card issuance, digital wallet enrolment, card delivery and PIN setting.

Digital investments

In Germany, we introduced a fully digital and paperless process for customers to manage their investments right from contract creation and advisory through to reporting. We provide advanced analytics, in-depth scenario analysis, portfolio optimisation and customised on-demand reports, ensuring our teams are fully equipped to hold effective conversations with customers about their investments.

In Italy, we added new features enabling our team to use advanced risk metrics and analytics when performing their preliminary assessment of clients’ investment portfolios – improving risk assessment and monitoring.

New features and a new look for mobile banking

We rolled out visual improvements to the Homepage, Product Area, Payment Area, and More sections of the mobile app. The refreshed design has been configured to simplify interaction for customers – making it quicker and easier to address their needs, while providing a more engaging user experience for customers looking into our insights, features, and products.

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