For our communities who benefit from financial inclusion

Through our 2022-2024 Social Strategy, we have significantly broadened our social commitment. Our ambition is to increase the measurable social impact we generate for our clients and the communities we operate in.

We have five strategic goals addressed to specific beneficiaries, that we support with financing and social initiatives:

  1. Foster financial inclusion and the health of vulnerable people and enterprises, promoting the access and affordability of financial services to those vulnerable – including, students, pensioners, low-income, start-ups and female-led enterprises

  2. Support corporates to become more socially oriented, sustaining the development of social enterprises and improvement of the social impact made by corporate clients

  3. Ensure communities’ sustainable progress, with focus on youth and education, supporting the stakeholders in our communities to tackle key social challenges

  4. Protect categories at a higher risk of being negatively affected by the transition, supporting retraining and reskilling programmes for the areas most impacted

  5. Ensure positive work conditions for employees, granting equal opportunities for all and striving for the highest working standards, including education, work-life balance and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our Social Strategy reflects our commitment to assist our stakeholders in making meaningful progress towards a more sustainable and equitable society. We are focused on practical ways to support our clients and communities with financing, education and high impact initiatives.”

Ilaria Di Mattia

Head of ESG Strategy & Implementation

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