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Launching a new dashboard for ESG assessment


In 2023 we rolled out a new Group-wide ESG Digital Architecture capable of collecting, enriching and aggregating granular ESG Data – enabling us to integrate sustainability factors into lending and place our ESG principles at the heart of our processes.

A key tool of our ESG Digital Architecture is the ESG Cockpit, a unique dashboard supporting colleagues during the credit origination by displaying a set of relevant information for the sustainability assessment of each client – including Environmental, Social and Governance factors, transition risk and physical risk. This deepens our knowledge and understanding of clients’ ESG performance while also allowing us to correlate credit risk processes and decisions to sustainability assessments.

The ESG Cockpit also displays actual loans and credit lines clients have requested, leveraging the data collected from our sustainability front-end to help our colleagues assess whether a given credit line is sustainable according to EU Taxonomy or market standards such as ICMA.

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