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Mapping our most influential colleagues to create our Culture Board


Mapping our most influential colleagues

In Serbia, our new OrgMapper | INFLUENCE tool has helped us to identify ‘hidden’ influencers – the most influential, capable and best-connected employees – within our workforce. The tool not only reveals who are best-placed to help embed our Culture with their colleagues – our so-called ‘UNInfluencers’ – but also identifies areas where we may need to work harder to get our messages across.

And this exercise has allowed us to rank our top 20 UNInflunecers in the region, who have now formed Serbia’s new Culture Board. The Culture Board, which meets every other month, helps strengthen our Values and develop cultural strategies in accordance with our mindset – to Win. The Right Way. Together. 

Our UNInfluencers are the people others go for advice, support, feedback and inspiration – they are the ones they trust the most and help us bridge the gap between all levels of the organisation.

I was very surprised and extremely proud when I found out that I was one of the UNInfluencers, because this is the voice of UniCredit Serbia, and the voice of my colleagues."

Vlasta Jovanović

Head of Advisory & Specialised Lending

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