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Living our Values to care for flood-hit colleagues in Slovenia


Caring for colleagues hit by natural disaster

The floods of early August 2023 caused devastation across much of Slovenia, with approximately 1.5 million people affected. According to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, 400 buildings were destroyed, 8,000 people were evacuated, 30km of roads were damaged, and 70 bridges were destroyed or severely damaged.

While the Government reacted quickly and adopted special measures to deal with landslides and other consequences of the flooding, we also wanted to find ways to support our colleagues and community in Slovenia. 

Truly living our Value of Caring, we organised for solidarity aid to be paid to all those affected – while also mobilising our volunteers to help those in the worst-impacted areas of the country.

We remained in constant communication with colleagues to offer advice and additional support, including free counselling sessions, alongside information about how they can get involved with our volunteering efforts.

19 colleagues were supported with solidarity aid and 280 hours were dedicated to our communities by UniCredit volunteers.

Such extraordinary and dramatic events bring out also the extraordinary goodness in people – and it has been shown so generously also by the colleagues in the Bank. I am very grateful for all the good I have received.”

Pavel Galjot

Senior Analyst in Planning

UniCredit colleagues outside together

I have never had such a positive experience with any relationship manager, the matter surprised me to such an extent that I decided to express all my praise to Marija Perović, who with her professional attitude towards clients (and with a great deal of empathy) definitely stands out from the average. I want this praise to find its place, and I will definitely share my great user experience with others.”


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