The first day of 2023 was a momentous occasion in the history of Croatia, as the euro became the country’s official currency.

For Croatian banks, the introduction of the euro was a time of tremendous effort and stress. Zagrebačka banka took the opportunity to show its strength and leadership, becoming the first bank in Croatia to successfully enable the operation of main banking services for clients and a smooth transition to the new currency. 

Beginning back in March 2021, this was the most significant project in the recent history of Zagrebačka banka – involving more than 16 workstreams, over 260 applications, in excess of 600 employees in different roles were directly involved and the project provided more  than 1600 IT deliveries. In addition, the bank completed over 10,000 tests backed by six extensive conversation simulation rehearsals of the go-live and numerous other activities. 

Croatia Euro Project 2

The banks played a key role as stakeholders in the process of introducing the euro and have successfully adapted their operations and services to the euro, working together as a team. Good preparations in the complex process of currency changeover ensure that everything proceeded smoothly, on the satisfaction of Croatian citizens and businesses, and led to an excellent result in the end.”

Ivan Hrvoje Maljković

Croatian Banking Association, PR advisor

Ivan Vlaho

The process of introducing the euro is one of the most demanding projects that banks in Croatia have ever faced. Realizing its responsibility and role, Zagrebačka banka put the euro introduction project in the first place, allocating large technical, human, and financial resources, so that citizens and legal entities could dispose of their liquid funds in euros, and payment transactions would function in the new currency.”

Ivan Vlaho

Zagrebačka banka CEO

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