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Work experience, training and permanent positions for unemployed women


In Bosnia and Herzegovina, both unemployment and migration rates are high. To deliver on our Purpose of Empowering Communities to Progress, we launched a new initiative to support women in finding work. 

Co-financed by the Embassy of Sweden and supported by the World Bank, we offered work experience and training to women who had been unemployed for more than one year. Following the programme, four women were permanently hired by our Mostar bank – the only Bank in Bosnia and Herzegovina participating in this type of project and supporting local communities in this way.

Even at a first glance, my impressions were positive – primarily thanks to the professional approach throughout the communication and at the interview. After three years of searching for a job and different experiences, mostly negative, in which employers did not respond to emails nor read the accompanying documentation with applications, this was a sign to me that this is a serious company with a professional approach. Thanks to the selfless support of my colleagues from the Bank, as well as their patience and help in mastering new work tasks, I can say that my hard work and commitment during those three months was recognised and I received an offer of employment which I gladly accepted. To conclude, this project has helped me personally by opening-up the possibility to acquire new knowledge and to work in a renowned and respected company such as UniCredit. I cannot be more grateful and happy for this opportunity.”

Elsada Muhamedbegović

Participant in the programme at Mostar

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