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UniCredit launched Bank iD service

JanuaryDigital & Data

Bank iD enables fast, simple interface with authorities

At the beginning of 2023 we launched our Bank iD service in the Czech Republic, allowing all our clients to easily and securely log into the online services of authorities and state institutions, and public administration portals.

For example, our clients can check the validity of their documents, review the driver’s points system, obtain a criminal record extract, apply for a parental allowance, pick up an e-prescription, explore the Cadastre of Real Estate – a state administered real estate information system – file a tax declaration or open a personal databox.

Since November, communication with the authorities has been even easier and more user-friendly thanks to a new way of logging in on mobile devices that speeds up the log-in process for mobile users and removes the need to enter log-in details. We are the first bank in the Czech Republic using the full potential of mobile banking to provide access to public institutions, making access to our digital channels even more convenient for our clients.

Bank iD is essentially a digital ID that makes it easier for people to authenticate themselves with authorities such as the Government. Our clients can save hours of time when communicating with the e-Government authorities and a whole range of tasks can be handled online with just a few clicks, all from the comfort of their home. In the future, we plan to launch Bank iD for private companies as well – our clients will be able to fully digitally authenticate themselves within the client portal of a telephone operator or health insurance company or sign contracts with third parties.”

Lucie Janderová

Bank iD Product Owner

Hidroelectrica IPO in Romania

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