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Supporting development in southern Italy


During the year we disbursed €17 million to support the investment plans of two companies that are implementing projects in the Campania Special Economic Zone (SEZ) area of Italy. 

These are the first two investments at Interporto Campano di Nola since the establishment of the SEZ. They mark our continued collaboration with Italian institutions to support SEZs, which promote the economic, financial and administrative development of companies operating in the territory, and  stimulate the establishment of new entrepreneurial initiatives.

UniCredit is now recognized as a key investment partner in driving positive outcomes in southern Italy's eight SEZs - Abruzzo, Calabria, Campania, Ionian Interregional Puglia-Basilicata, Adriatic Interregional Puglia-Molise, Eastern Sicily, Western Sicily, and Sardinia. Our aim is to provide businesses with all of the tools they need to capitalize on the potential that these territories can offer - encouraging new investment opportunities by offering structured credit and financial instruments through our extensive network. 

Bureaucratic simplifications and tax breaks are the two pillars of the SEZ. The two investments at the Nola interport are part of an overall framework that already quantifies the new investments in the areas of the Campania ZES at almost one billion euros. The commissioner's single authorisation is a tool that is proving to be essential in attracting investments and is an emblem of simplification. Its streamlining value could be further amplified with the contribution of the banking system. The single authorisation could, in fact, constitute immediate and direct access to bank credit, itself acting as a guarantee for the granting of credit to the entrepreneur. All in a direct and digital manner.”

Giosy Romano

Special Commissioner of the Campania SEZ Government

Ferdinando Natali

The two investments supported by UniCredit, the first to be made in the Interporto Campano di Nola since the establishment of the Campania SEZ, bear witness to our desire to act as a financial partner of reference for companies wishing to invest in the south. We have already earmarked a EUR 1 billion ceiling to encourage the attraction of investments in SEZ areas, but what makes the difference is to give rapid responses to investment requests. Today, the SEZs are the main industrial policy tool in southern Italy and must become a system that supports investment in our territory, finally giving a turnaround to growth in the south, as has already happened in other countries.”

Ferdinando Natali

Head of South Region

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