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New initiatives to understand how Culture manifests in day–to–day working lives


A constantly evolving Culture

To better understand how our Culture and the changes we’re implementing manifest in everyday working life, members of our Culture Network rolled out the “Culture Jour fixe” (CJf) format in Germany. This initiative is helping colleagues develop a better understanding of our Values and gathering feedback on how our Culture can evolve across teams. 

CJf focuses on the Culture practiced in each individual team, shedding light on our Integrity, Ownership and Caring Values. The format allows each manager to work with team members to develop a dedicated understanding of how our Values apply to their day-to-day work.

And, truly living our Ownership Value, despite only launching at the start of the year the format has already been reviewed and enhanced. Following feedback on CJf sessions throughout 2023, and supported by Culture Sponsor and CEO Marion Höllinger, members have added more interactive elements – including icebreaker exercises – and the use of digital tools.

Katy Schön

In terms of Ownership, it is very important that we draw attention to the regional issues and move them forward. With the right culture, we can provide the best service for our customers. This is also important to me personally."

Katy Schön

Head of Support and Development North-East

Culture Network Story 2 Tobias Bu╠Êcher And Fabienne Ropeter 1400X1050

The Culture Network allows us to harness the power of the whole organisation for our cultural transformation and we are so happy to see that our community is not only growing, but has become such an important factor in promoting our three Values and incorporating them in everything we do."

Tobias Bücher and Fabienne Ropeter

Culture Champion Germany and People & Culture Transformation (respectively)

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