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Over the last decade, the Foundation has granted more than 300 scholarships and fellowships to support almost 1,200 young students and researchers, with total funds provided now standing at €25.5 million.

Many of these projects enable young people from countries across Europe to study at some of the world’s leading academic institutions.

Investing in research to fight inequality in education

Our commitment continued through 2023 with a further €1.1 million funding research projects on education, including collaboration with CID at Harvard University.

While there is abundant research into educational needs in developing countries, much less exists on the challenges faced in Europe. The aim of these grants is to improve understanding of how education can fight inequalities – and then to bring that knowledge back to our operating countries where it can become the foundation that drives future progress.

Promoting talent in economics and finance

During 2023 we gave students the chance to apply for around 30 prestigious scholarships and fellowships focusing on economics and finance. Based on ten separate competitions with total funding of €1.9 million available, these grants enable students to pursue Doctoral or Masters programmes at renowned universities in Europe and the USA. One of our key aims is to encourage ‘brain gain’. After their studies, we want these talented students to return home and use their new knowledge to make a difference in their own countries.

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