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The end of 2023 marked the first anniversary of a fund that has signalled a new beginning for UniCredit and our clients. Drawing on the scale of our Group and the strong synergies between our product factories and our networks, onemarkets fund is reclaiming and reinforcing our asset management competencies, giving clients access to our in-house expertise alongside that of some of our industry’s leading partners, such as BlackRock and J.P. Morgan.

onemarkets is a unique, balanced offering of 18 funds covering the Equity, Bond and Multi-Asset classes. It was initially launched in Italy, Germany and Austria, with the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria following later in the year. In total, the fund had assets under management of €3 billion at the end of 2023

Now we are set to launch a further 12 funds under the onemarkets brand, driven by our understanding of our clients’ needs and delivered by our people working as one team with a common purpose: to unlock UniCredit and provide best-in-class products to all our clients. 

Richard Burton

The first year of onemarkets Fund is a powerful demonstration of what we can achieve when our product factory works hand in hand with our networks by internalising value chains, innovating and designing best-in-class products and bringing the scale of the Group to bear – all whilst keeping the client at the centre in everything we do. With the launch of onemarkets Fund and the achievements over the last twelve months, we are creating a win-win situation for our clients and our bank, demonstrating the strategic importance of Individual Solutions as a growth and revenue driver within UniCredit Unlocked.”

Richard Burton

Head of Client Solutions


assets under management at the end of 2023

The launch of onemarkets Fund and the rollout across our networks in the past twelve months has been a huge team effort and is driven by knowing our clients’ needs. Thanks to an increase in the funds rollout across the Group, which leverages on internal portfolio management skills and the expertise of best-in-class asset managers, we are seeing a positive dynamic and strong increase in assets under management. By continuing to work as one team with a common purpose, we will achieve even greater results in the future.”

Claudia Vacanti

Head of Group Investment & Protection Products

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