An open alliance for sustainable growth and collaboration

To further support our efforts to educate our stakeholders on the transition to Net Zero, in 2023 we partnered with Italian energy company Eni on its Open-es ecosystem. This initiative seeks to enhance cross-business collaboration and support companies in measuring and improving their ESG performance. 

Open-es is an alliance that joins together entrepreneurial, financial and associative networks, supporting all stakeholders on their sustainable development path through a digital and innovative platform.

We act as a value-chain leader partner, playing a strategic role in the sustainable development of the Italian corporate sector – and, more broadly, with initiatives and solutions aimed at companies of every size.

Launched by Eni in 2021 and today involving more than 10,000 companies and 20 partners, Open-es represents an inclusive and collaborative community with a virtuous commitment on ESG targets.


Open-es involves more than 10,000 companies and 20 partners 

Fiona Melrose

At UniCredit, we want to raise awareness and equip our clients with the information, tools and innovations that can support their climate transition plans. Our partnership with Eni as regards Open-es represents the latest step in this journey, and highlights the importance of collaboration up and down the value chain in these efforts.”

Fiona Melrose

Head of Group Strategy & ESG

We launched Open-es with the aim of creating an open and cross-industry alliance to foster the sustainable development of all companies with an inclusive approach. This new partnership confirms that when we join the efforts of big industrial and financial players, we can accelerate the energy transition with a systemic mindset that involves the entire production system.”

Costantino Chessa

Head of Procurement at Eni

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