This is a journey, and we all know it will not be a simple one. However, I believe it is the only possible road to travel if we are to secure a better future, and I also believe that our bank has everything we need to make the journey.
We know that leading by example is the right thing to do: ESG is embedded throughout our business. It is a collective mindset that we all take responsibility for.

Our Strategy

UniCredit Unlocked, our new Strategic Plan, aims to put UniCredit back in the top tier of European banks. Our ambition is to create a bank for Europe's future.
Two principles underpin our strategic plan:

Optimise Today
Build for Tomorrow



  • € 0.5bn

    absolute cost reduction, net of €0.6bn investment and €0.5bn of inflation
  • Organic capital of

    around 150 basis points

    per annum from increased profitability and a more capital-efficient model
  • € 1.1bn

    incremental net revenues mostly driven by fees
2021 Results

Financial Capital

Financial resources obtained from external providers and generated by our bank's activity, that are used to support clients' business and bank operations for the medium-long term.

Net Profit
shareholder distribution
Human Capital

We support our colleagues throughout their professional lives by listening to their needs, valuing their skills and implementing training programmes and development plans, promoting diversity, equity, inclusion and welfare policies.

Group-wide minimum standard for parental leave
16 weeks for mothers, 4 weeks for fathers
training hours per capita
women in Group Executive Committee
women in leadership team
Social and relationship Capital

Close relations with our main stakeholders create long-term value and support individual and collective growth.

feedbacks provided by stakeholders
contribution to communities
microcredit and Impact Financing cumulated loans
Intellectual Capital

We are committed to optimising and innovating our systems and processes to provide our clients with simple, secure and user-centric solutions that meet the needs and challenges of rapid change.

Digital & Data governance
elevated to the highest managerial level
new hires in Digital & Data
courses dedicated to security and cyber security released
Natural Capital

The Earth's natural resources and the countless services they provide make human life possible. The bank's activities have an impact on natural capital which must be monitored and limited over time.

reduction of own GHG emissions vs. 2017 (market-based)
apportioned ESG-related League Table credit from Green, Social, Sustainability and Sustainability-linked Bonds
exposure to renewable energy sector
energy efficiency loans to SMEs and individuals in ITA, GER, AUT

Our Stories

In line with our purpose of empowering communities to progress, we are putting our clients and communities at the heart of all that we do with a constant commitment to always serve their needs and be the bank for Europe's future.

To showcase how environmental, social and governance (ESG) values are embedded in our business and culture, this year's report includes a series of stories about our clients and people across the different countries of the Group, working together to empower our communities and unlock their potential. These are published at the end of selected chapters and reflect our strong ESG ambitions and continued focus on supporting the transition to a more sustainable, better society for all.

We are proud of the dedication of our teams in supporting and financing initiatives with a positive impact and we look to the future determined to continuously do more for our people, clients and communities.

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