Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Our values are driven by our purpose and represent the cultural cornerstones that guide all our actions and behaviour, enabling us to deliver on our ambition and new business strategy. 

Our aim is to bring about the transformation by exploiting this moment of transition. We wish to be deeply embedded in our communities and united behind a new common purpose:


We will come together within a common culture that puts us back on the front foot, energised and emboldened. In line with our
recent UniCredit Unlocked Strategy, the values of integrity, ownership and caring remain at the heart of everything we do and
represent the qualities that define us.



Will drive us to act in the best interests of our customers in an honest, straightforward and transparent way



The empowerment to make decisions and learn from failure lies at the heart of what we do. We deliver on our promises and take accountability for our actions and commitments. We speak up to express an idea, an opinion or report wrongdoing 



We care about our customers, communities and people and enable them to prosper, treating everyone with respect and valuing our differences