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Founded in Istanbul, Turkey and with a base in Düsseldorf, Pure.energy GmbH are boldly bridging the gap between energy's traditions and its future. The company is creating a space for a meeting of the classic utility-focused mindset and the emergent world of new energy shaped by technologically empowered clients who are supplied by decentral and renewable power.

With over four decades of combined international experience and a competent team bringing diverse backgrounds, Pure.energy GmbH are a prudent and experienced trader, passionate about innovative business models in renewable energy, climate products, and offering advisory services.

They have set themselves the ambitious goal of becoming the leading energy company of the next generation, combining state-of-the-art tools with transparent and efficient business models to EEG/renewable plant owners, direct marketers, and companies. Over the next four years Pure.energy aim to offer clean energy management and trading services to an additional five countries within their "Virtual Power Plants" project which serves as a bridge between pure renewable power generation and corporate renewable energy demand through power purchase agreements (PPAs).

To achieve this, the company needed a reliable financial partner who would meet their requirements for tailor-made solutions, share their ethos of sustainability, understand their value proposition and risk-mitigation approach, and be able to provide insight into the markets where they wanted to expand.

UniCredit ticked all the boxes. The bank was able to provide the perfect service to suit Pure.energy's growth plans in the form of its own forward-thinking technology: its new digital account opening process for corporates.

We embraced the full digital client onboarding offering of UniCredit, which was the service we were looking for. We filled a couple of forms fully digital and opened our new bank account within 30 minutes! The week after, our Key Account Manager and Cash Management specialist reached out to us and fully supported our processes by going the extra mile.

Anduvap Servet Akgün, co-founder, Managing Director of Pure Energy

The process creates an entirely new client experience for corporate clients, which has helped UniCredit to stand out from the competition in Germany. While the development of this innovation initially posed a challenge, an international team consisting of more than twenty colleagues from all areas of UniCredit combined their efforts to make it a reality, using agile methodology, achieving a significant milestone both for the bank and in the field of Corporate Banking.

Using our omnichannel process, corporates in Germany can conveniently - and completely digitally - open their account with UniCredit. Our step-by-step guide will show them how to do so with ease; all they need is their PC or mobile device and the IDs of the persons they wish to identify quickly and simply. They do not even need to provide a physical signature. All verification procedures, including personal identification, are integrated into the digital process. Once this is complete, the client can use the account immediately with a minimum of data entry.

Using an agile development process, we transformed our vision of paperless, fully digitalising our account opening for corporate clients in only two years. We have reduced the opening process, which used to take up to two weeks, down to 30 minutes! It was only possible through crossfunctional and cross-country collaboration, combined with a great team spirit.

Benjamin Höhne, product owner for this initiative.

Pure.energy is looking forward to having UniCredit at their side in the years to come, harnessing the Group's international presence and deep insight into the power markets to help the company grow. The importance of such cooperation is vital especially at a time when European energy markets are experiencing unprecedented times. 

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