Zaba Kids Week

This year, Croatia hosted its first Zaba Kids Week.
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Children of our colleagues from Zagreb and the nearby area attended the five-day educational and entertainment programme, which included 75 children of 63 Zagrebačka banka employees during the first week of September, right before the official start of the new school year.

The main goal of the initiative was to support parents of children, ages 7 to 11 years old, an age group specifically chosen as this is considered a vulnerable stage of an adolescents’ youth. Zaba Kids Week was designed through a combination of different physical activities and learning workshops. This included workshops about critical learning, cybersecurity, a “How to use Microsoft office” package for schoolwork, a “How to save money” workshop and finally, a “How to save the planet” workshop about sustainable living.

Further, the week promoted creating an environment where differences are embraced and respected – by mixing groups in various roleplay scenarios, teamwork activities where they learn inclusive listening, and much more.

With this initiative, Zagrebačka banka wanted to create an inclusive workplace where parents can thrive and are not apprehensive about balancing their personal and professional responsibilities. In this way, Zagrebačka banka is empowering parents in their parenting role all while exposing their children to new ideas, cultures, customs, ideas.

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