New UniCredit Mobile Banking App functionalities

Our bank continues to enhance our current digital offering to our clients, including a new functionality within the UniCredit Banja Luka’s “m-bank” mobile app – dividing credit card transactions into instalments.
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UniCredit presented a campaign promoting this new functionality of the mobile banking application, which now provides the possibility of dividing one-time transactions into instalments made with Visa credit cards within UniCredit m-bank. In a simple way, our clients can divide a one-time transaction into the desired number of instalments, regardless of where it was done – online or POS purchased, as well as ATM withdrawals, within the country or abroad. Splitting transactions into instalments is made possible for amounts ranging from 100 - 10,000 KM. Depending on the amount, the transaction can be divided into minimum of 3 and maximum of 24 instalments.

Together with UniCredit Bank Mostar, our bank, for several years in a row, received the Golden BAM award for the best mobile banking application on local market.

UniCredit in Bosnia and Herzegovina continuously monitors clients’ satisfaction and creates its products and services according to their needs. We always take into account the needs and habits of our existing and new clients in order to improve digital services and introduce new technologies which bring digital and data benefits to all stakeholders.

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