MoneyMatters: youth financial education programme

At UniCredit, we understand the importance of providing our youth with opportunities to enhance their skills at a young age and prepare them for their future.
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The innovative financial education programme “MoneyMatters” was adopted, which offers students from the eighth grade onwards the opportunity to strengthen their financial knowledge in a playful and multimedia form. This blended learning programme is designed for students and trainees aged 14 and over. It was developed by UniCredit Bank Austria together with teachers and the Institute of Business Education at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration and launched in a pilot project at schools in the federal state of Burgenland.

The programme taught children and young adults how to handle money responsibly. Students and trainees can continue to work independently and regardless of their location via smartphone, tablet or PC. The 12 digital lessons include basic knowledge trainings about money and the economy, cryptocurrency and cybersecurity. They receive a Basic Certificate after completing the first five basic modules and a Premium Certificate after completing ten modules. Through videos, quizzes and animated diagrams, MoneyMatters combines the best of digital as well as playful approaches alongside knowledge transfer.

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