IVET fertilisation – offering IVF benefits to our employees

Our bank cares about its people. This also means caring for them through all life obstacles and challenges that come their way both at a personal and professional level.
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During 2022, for a certain number of our female employees, we offered a reimbursement of the costs for one IVF attempt.

To ensure as many employees as possible could have the opportunity to exercise the right to this benefit, the bank reimbursed the costs of this programme up to the value of €5,000. Further, the benefit was redeemable both in our home country of Serbia and abroad.

The times in which we live and work may confront us with various challenges, but these challenges are easier to overcome with the support of family. Today, when an increasing number of young people are leaving Serbia, every step that empowers our people to build a family in the country is extremely important. We strive to follow and support our colleagues through every stage of life – and family and parenting are heavily supported by every member of our bank.

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