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At UniCredit Serbia, we are modernising our processes by implementing simplification best practices in the tools we use every day.
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WoCa is the new-age e-platform for processing factoring products and improves efficiency and time savings, allows for the reduction of bureaucracy and achieves an incomparably faster process of disbursement of funds. The platform allows clients to manage their claims and obligations in a simple way, through a financial instrument that aims to speed up the collection of claims from debtors that are due with a delayed payment deadline.

The WoCa platform integrated the possibility for both the client and its partners to access the system directly from their computers, communicate quickly and easily with the bank, and seamlessly authorise requests. The platform is a complete revolution in factoring on the Serbian market and has a great positive response among clients.

WoCa is a platform with access to data at any time, 365 days a year and automatically sends notifications to all of the client’s partners. This means that the platform enables the automatic processing of a very large number of invoices at once due to the fact that the architecture of the platform has the prerequisites for direct connection with the client’s information system.

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