Digital process for onboarding of legal entities

Digital onboarding of legal entities for UniCredit in Bulgaria has become an entirely remote process.
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When it comes to acquiring new legal entities as customers of the bank, using the new digital processes and services of local Qualified Trusted Service Providers is essential. This includes signing with Qualified Electronic Signatures, a feature that is now readily available for companies owned by individuals who are existing or incoming customers of the bank. By digitising the process from start to finish, we cut the overall processing time in half, all while maintaining the integrity of our work and the strong relationship with our customers.

Remote E2E processes for mortgage lending is an entirely remote process for taking a mortgage loan using Qualified Electronic Signature for digital signing. This applies to all stages of the process: from the consultation, to accepting the application and necessary documents, to including the signing of the contractual documentation. The only visit of the customer is at the end with the notary signing.

Embedding simplification processes in our various ways of working has a ripple effect on every area. As the signing is an essential step for many of our customers’ business and personal journeys, close to 300 mortgage deals have since been processed to date and that number continues to grow.

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