Creating a better working environment for our people – Our renovated offices

Our people are our greatest asset. After two unprecedented years when conditions forced us to work from home to protect our health, we used this period for the complete renovation of our premises in our Slovenian offices.
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The newly renovated offices are now brighter, and each home base is dedicated to different facets of the organisation, with every single working place equipped ergonomically.

In addition to offering our colleagues a hybrid form of work, which was embraced by more than 50%, we strive to encourage our people to work from our new offices at least once a week – something they are now proudly participating in.

Apart from the physical well-being of our people, their mental well-being is equally important to us – this is why we continue to revolutionise the different forms of support for our people. Among those, we dedicate at least one day per month to lectures on health, self- care, nurturing relationships, and taking responsibility for those working in person in our offices.

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