Climate Week

Only together, we can save the planet. At Climate Week 2022 in Austria, we took another tangible and important step in this direction, together with Glacier, raising awareness for climate protection.
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In cooperation with Glacier, an international team of climate enthusiasts, product experts, and community builders, UniCredit Bank Austria’s employees spent five days engaging in deep discussions to raise our awareness on climate protection. Glacier’s goal is to inspire companies and their employees to set up climate protection initiatives and implement ESG in their businesses. During the Climate Week, both our employees and representatives from Glacier engaged in fruitful discussions about current climate conditions, what each of us can do to contribute to a more sustainable tomorrow, and much more.

To keep our people engaged throughout the week, in addition to the daily videos shared across UniCredit Bank Austria, targeted quizzes were promoted (with answers shown the next day) and key learning resources and easy to digest content pills were shared, allowing our people to learn more about climate issues and sustainability.

Climate action requires a transformation that can only be achieved together. In line with its commitment to sustainability, UniCredit Bank Austria is a proud founding partner of Glacier, and hosts and supports the Climate Week with more than 500 other participating companies all over Austria.

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