Caring in action: the Secondary School of Economics

Employees across our bank participated as volunteers at the Secondary School of Economics in Doboj and educated the students about the banking business as a whole
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The programme, known as financial incubator “FinInk”, was organised by the Innovation Center Banja Luka, supported by UniCredit Bank a.d. Banja Luka was and always has been a great place for women in start-up businesses.

Recognising this and the importance of accelerating female careers in business, the bank provided volunteers to the support Innovation centre Banja Luka educational event and its small business entrepreneurs. This is with the aim of supporting local women in small businesses and start-up entrepreneurs.

Strengthening the development of communities can only be achieved by providing support and opportunities to local people/women in businesses, especially small entrepreneurs who rarely have an opportunity to present themselves at events such as the financial incubator “FinInk”. As a result, we were pleased to be able to offer support to them, both with targeted lectures as well as with the presentation of an award to the winner of FinInk.

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