Breast Cancer Awareness: Think Pink in partnership with VISA and My Circle of Support

We strive to make a positive impact on our people’s health, especially for those most vulnerable.
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Through a traditional initiative “Tihnk Pink”, also in 2022, we invited medical specialists and women who have fought with breast cancer to hold talks to raise awareness about the importance of early breast cancer detection and regular check-ups among our bank’s employees.

Breast Cancer Awareness_ the Think Pink initiative

Together with VISA and our sister Bank UniCredit Bank d.d., we also collected funds to provide free mammography examinations for women across Bosnia and Herzegovina , psycho-social support, dedicated educational sessions and care packages for each woman in Bosnia and Herzegovina who has been through breast cancer surgery.

Furthermore, in Banja Luka, we offered more than 1,000 free mammography examinations through the initiative “My Circle of Support” in the past two years. Support and care for our communities is our duty, helping to create a more inclusive society and listening to the needs of vulnerable groups. We are proud that this initiative has directly supported 1,000 women through free check-ups, therefore also supporting their entire families, over the last two years.

We believe that we must continuously work to raise awareness of the importance of preventive examinations. That’s why all of us together, today and tomorrow and every day, should educate and empower women on what is most important - caring for our health.

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